Is it possible to have a sex after hysterectomy?

Many women worry about sex after hysterectomy. It is a common concern as there are many issues and gossips about it that can lead to misconception and emotional stress. It was reported that lots of ladies have a better sex than before as they can’t get pregnant after the surgery. But some of them are still afraid of getting pain during sex and getting pregnancy. These issues can cause various sexual problems. They can lose a sexual desire, can’t get a real satisfaction from sex and can have a bad impact on relationships between partners.

Pain can make your sex quite uncomfortable and stressful that’s why it is quite important to recover from the surgery up to 8 weeks. Women who have an active sexual life can prolong it after hysterectomy and even experience much better feelings than they have had before. But there are some ladies who have a feeling of loss and stress. This case they should get a special professional aid. To avoid some discomfort after the surgery many women use lubricants as hysterectomy can cause dryness of the vagina.

Loss of sexual desire

As it was mentioned above hysterectomy can induce a lack of sex drive. It is a permanent state for women. It takes some time to recover from the surgery. In case you are good after it you can feel sexual libido again. It is darn significant to talk to your partner about it as this misunderstanding can arouse various issues.

Actually lack of sexual desire is the reason of stress, relationship between man and woman, menopause and deep depression. You can easily fight it and can come back to sexual activity. If you still experience depression and other symptoms, it will be better to consult the doctor. All this stuff is effectively treated and soon you will get a sexual energy and general wellbeing.

General factors in sex after hysterectomy

Getting a great sex can influence on some factors such physical and mental ones. It is not doubt you feel some discomfort and emotions after the surgery but it is a normal state as after any other surgery. Some women can feel they won’t be sexually attractive and complete; some ones feel relaxed and a sexual arousal. All women are different. All these factors are easily treated. The best advice for women after hysterectomy is to stay relaxed and don’t worry about sex drive.

You will have an uncommon feeling the first time you have a sex after the surgery, but this feeling will pass away soon. If you think some complications, you should have a medical help and make sure everything is healed inside you.

You should know that hysterectomy doesn’t mean you won’t have an orgasm. You have many other sensitive places as clitoris that can play a great role for sex. Everyone feels it in various ways. Many women understand that hysterectomy boosts their sexual life and wellness. Don’t worry and remain relaxed!!!!